Classes of Membership 2023/24

The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st each year. New members joining after September 1st to December 31st has membership to the end of the following year.

Full Member – BBKA £21.00 + BDI £2.00 + LBKA £4.50 + District subscription

An active beekeeper or someone who is wishing to be treated as such. Becomes a member of a local district, Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association (LBKA) and British Beekeepers Association (BBKA).

As a full registered member, you

  • Are a voting member of LBKA
  • Receive Directory of Members
  • Receive BBKA news magazine
  • Can attend BBKA events
  • Have product and 3rd party public liability insurance to 10m
  • Can attend LBKA events
  • Can attend district events
  • Have your bees insured for disease through Bee Disease Insurance (BDI) for 1-3 colonies. For additional hives see costs below.

Partner Member – BBKA £13.50 + LBKA £2.25 + District Subscription

A member who is an active beekeeper with all the rights as above except they share BBKA and LBKA publications with the Full Member that lives at the same address.

Local Member – District Subscription only

A member who is not an active beekeeper has access to all the district activities and some LBKA activities at the discretion of the organiser.

Country Member – BBKA £10.00 + LBKA £1.00 + District Subscription

A local member (i.e. non-beekeeper) who wishes to opt into BBKA but does not receive any of the BBKA insurances.

Junior Member – BBKA £9.50

A beekeeper under the age of 18 with all the main benefits of a Full Member including the BDI insurance for 1-3 hives.

BDI Additional Insurance Rates

Beekeeping members can insure more colonies for the following additional premiums:

Up to 5 colonies in total: £1.20
Up to 10 colonies in total: £4.70
Up to 15 colonies in total: £7.75
Up to 20 colonies in total: £9.50
Up to 25 colonies in total: £11.10
Up to 30 colonies in total: £13.60
Up to 35 colonies in total: £16.20
Up to 39 colonies in total: £18.10