LBKA District Beginners Courses

Many of the LBKA Districts offer beginners courses that start in the spring of 2024 which is the beginning of the beekeeping year.

The courses can sometimes be held over zoom or a classroom setting for the theory and many districts have a district apiary where the practical element of the course takes place.

The course combines both the theory and practical side to beekeeping. All the equipment you need is usually provided although some districts advise you to purchase your own bee suit for hygiene reasons. You will also need a clean pair of wellington boots and a pair of marigold gloves.

The content of the beginner’s course generally covers

  • Bees and Beekeeping
  • The Colony
  • The hive
  • The beekeeping year
  • The queen
  • Swarms
  • Bee and colony health
  • Honey
  • How to get Started

Once you have been through a beginners course you will have the knowledge and practical experience to start with your own colony. There will always be help in your district and working towards the BBKA exams can further your skills and knowledge as a beekeeper.

The 2024 beginners course dates will be announced soon, but please register your interest with your local district contact details are on the district pages.

Taster Days

Some of the LBKA districts hold Taster Days. These are 1-day courses that give you an overview of the art of beekeeping. This is ideal for anyone not quite sure if they want to start with bees. All equipment is provided including a bee suit and you just need to bring a clean par of wellington boots and a pair of marigolds!