The Leslie Thorne Award

This award is made annually by the Thorne family of Wragby in memory of the late Leslie Thorne, former LBKA President, in order to encourage and support young beekeepers within LBKA.
Districts are requested to nominate a young person for consideration to the LBKA secretary by the end of March for consideration at the April central council meeting.

The candidate should be 25 years of age or under at the end of the year in which the nomination is made. The young person should exhibit promise as a beekeeper by having shown interest in and commitment to beekeeping as a member of a district of LBKA for at least six months. The winner of the award may not be nominated again.

Each nomination should be accompanied with a supporting letter giving details of the young person’s involvement in beekeeping in the district and their relevant interests.
The winner of this award will be presented with a hive from Thornes and certificate. The district concerned shall agree to supply a nucleus of bees for the successful candidate and a mentor for the year.

Nominations shall be discussed at the April Central Council meeting. Selection of the winner shall be made by a panel comprising at least one LBKA Trustee, the Chair of the LBKA and a member of the Thorne family.

The hive will be presented to the winner each year in the spring after the winner is announced at the LBKA AGM.
LBKA would like to take this opportunity to thank Thornes for supporting this award annually.

For more details see the policy document.