Oscar – His “Bee Story”

Oscar has been a very keen member of the North Lincolnshire Bee Keeping Association for a few years and in that time has attended the district training courses, shows and meetings while continuing with his school work.

The Pandemic put a significant barrier in place to Oscars further development in beekeeping and was unable to progress to keeping his own bees at that time but not to be perturbed by the restrictions Oscar continued to grow his knowledge through attending on line Zoom meetings and whenever possible visited the District Apiary, socially distanced, to observe and ask questions.

Oscar has shown a very intuitive interest in beekeeping and recognises the importance of beekeeping and its impact on nature and local pollination, also taking an interest in presentations related to other pollinators such as solitary bees etc.

While attending association meetings and training courses Oscar is expanding his knowledge of beekeeping and is confident enough to ask questions and understand the responses.

North Lincs have nominated Oscar Niland for the 2021 Lesley Thorn Award through what was a very difficult year as a result of the Pandemic which has not deterred Oscars enthusiasm for everything beekeeping and has already shown himself to be a keen and active member of the association even at his young age.