Ada – Her “Bee Story”

This annual award is being made by the Thorne family of Wragby in memory of the late Leslie Thorne, former LBKA President, in order to encourage and support young beekeepers within LBKA.

The award this year goes to Ada Rose Pederson

Ada is 8 years old and has been helping her mum keep their bees since spring 2020. She has always been so calm and gentle around the bees and genuinely fascinated in learning about them. Ada happily gets stuck into any tasks at their small 4 hive apiary, she is confident removing and replacing brood frames and can identify different stages of growth and what stores are available to the bees. She can identify the queen, drones and workers and absolutely loves to see the brand-new bees emerging from their cells.

She attends Osbournby School which has bees in their emblem and the 4 classes are named Bumblebees, Honeybees, Carpenter bees and Digger bees. Having her own hive would be a great way for her to include her beekeeping adventures at her school – It would be a great way to tie in beekeeping through Ada as one of the pupils.

Ada has helped run a session at the scout hut to a group of the youngest section – the Squirrels where she showed them some frames, honeycomb and used her little demo kit of models to show stages of brood development. Ada then read them a book called “let’s look inside a beehive”
She loves to get involved in using our honey extractor and filter and jar the honey.

She was excited about being able to do her Junior Certificate and had been waiting to go into KS2 so that she could be eligible and so on 13th August 2022 Ada completed her Junior Beekeeping exam with Eddy Gadd

Ada is now looking to do her Basic Beekeeping assessment.

Ada will be presented with a Budget Hive and certificate.